The Billion Dollar Biker

Raising a billion dollars for charity using mind power

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Raising a Billion Dollars for Charity Using Mind Power ($$$)

Billion Dollar Biker
  • In the United States alone there are well over ten billion ATM transactions made every year! Assume we have a DONATE TO CHARITY BOX on every ATM. If just ten percent of these clicked the ‘Donate $1 to Charity’ button we could raise a billion dollars a year for charitable causes….every year…and that’s just the States!
  • This is an idea whose time has come!
  • Don’t forget, this is not just a campaign for America it is for every country in the world and not just ATMs - but the Internet as well. Imagine anyplace where payments are made on the Internet. We need a simple option box ‘Donate $1 to Charity’ placed next to every single checkout and shopping basket in the world.
  • We need to alert Amazon, Google, PayPal Airlines, MSN, Banks, Visa, MasterCard, Dell, AmEx, Ebay…the list goes on and on. We need to alert big companies and motivate them into action. If they step up to the plate, so too will the general public with their $1 or 50cent donations.
  • We need to alert Charities and Charitable Foundations to get them behind this campaign. We do that by sending this site link out to everyone we know. Everyone will get to hear about this powerful campaign very quickly.
  • We need your ideas on who this money should be for. As a people we have huge influence. Should the funds be for environmental issues? Should the funds go to a charitable foundation who split the money between several major charities? Cancer has affected just about every family in the world. What about AIDS and poverty? Your views are welcome and will be available for everyone to see.
  • People worldwide want to give! The world is becoming more a philanthropic place…thank Goodness! We are not in the Me! Me! Me! mode of the past. We are in the Give! Give! Give! Share! Share! Share! mode of the new millennium.
  • Let’s rapidly spread the word and tell Corporations what is needed to be put in place.
  • Citibank for example have 1000s of ATMs in the U.S. including 5,700 Citibank-branded ATMs inside 7-Eleven stores.
  • As the campaign builds we will get attention in the press, on TV and radio. More and more celebrities will come on board. This is your chance to be part of something really exciting and make a huge difference to deserving people across the globe.